Re: Help w/ setup and hosting available?

1998-04-14 07:59:24
to follow up on what Marvin Kaye said:

I'm curious if there's anyone out there who could provide
hosting for my mail list archive and would be willing to help
me with the setup? will do something like this.  I believe that they
only carry recent messages, however.  You would not have a
complete historical record.  See
<> for an example of a list
which uses historical archives based on digests combined with
individual recent messages via this service.

Other than that, you should poll the people who are sold on the
mission of your list to seek site resources for the archive.  For
example supports quite a variety of lists related to
blindness.  The resources supporting the archive can definitely
be anywhere within the sound of your email voice.  Need not be
close to the MLM processing.

You can get some help here decoding installation failures, should
you decide to implement the archive with MHonArc.

Al Gilman

The listserver software that sends out the mailings is
Post.Office, and I'd be happy to share some of the saved
messages I have to start getting this archive thing off the
ground.  And is it possible to run the archive on a server
which is independent of the actual listserver, say by including
MHonArc (or some alias for it) as a subscriber to the list?
Any help will be greatly appreciated.

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