Re: Re[2]: [ADMIN] Looking for a new home for the mhonarc list s

1998-04-24 11:56:46

Achim Bohnet wrote:
Due to personal time constrains (and hardware/network  reorgan-
ization here) I would like to  ask  if  someone  may  host  the
mhonarc mailing list. (I can continue to serve  a  public  list
archive here.)

Any takers?

"Richard A. Bjorklund" <rbjorklu(_at_)nsf(_dot_)gov> wrote to the Director:
Considering our dependance on mhonarc, is it all right to offer 
hosting the list on

"B. Preston Rich" <brich(_at_)nsf(_dot_)gov> replies:
Sure.  As unmoderated.

 By unmoderated, he means we will not provide local moderation of
 the list.  That would be too time intensive.  But since the list
 isn't currently moderated, that shouldn't be a problem.

 And now to answer Earl's questions:

o Do you have  the  time  to  respond  timely  to  administrative
requests and list problems?

+ It will be one more addition to the many lists we  manage.   It
has become appoved tasking.

o If something happens to you (quit  job,  move,  etc  ...)  that
makes   it   impossible   for  you  to  do  you  duties  as  list
administrator, will someone be available to take your place?

+ I am part of a team  of  five,  which  collectively  bears  the
responcibility  to manage and, as well
as  While I am the one primarily  responcible  for  Fnet
and  GovNews,  others cover for me when I am sick or on vacation.
In unforseen event that I leave the tasking will remain  and  the
team would handle it.

o Do you have approval  of  your  superiors  (or  owners  of  the
system) to host the mailing list?

+ Yes.  It will be part of our official duties.

o   What kind of system resources (machine and network)  will  be
used?   Want  to  make  sure  the  system(s)  used can handle the
traffic and is reliable.

+ We run our listprocs from, which is a Sparc
20,  running SunOS 4.1.4.  We have another Sparc 20 running SunOS
5.5, which is our news exchanger.

o   What domain will the mailing list be in?  I  prefer  to  have
the  list  maintened  by  a  non-commercial  domain so no implied
endorsements and commercial support can be inferred.

+ The list would be in the domain.

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   NSF & Financenet Postmaster   |  4201 Wilson Boulevard  #440
   Official: postmaster(_at_)nsf(_dot_)gov  |  Arlington, VA 22230
   or postmaster(_at_)financenet(_dot_)gov  |  Phone: (703) 306-1145 x4673
   Personal: rbjorklu(_at_)nsf(_dot_)gov    |    Fax: (703) 306-0234

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