Re: MHonArc and multi-byte characters in HTML

1998-04-28 11:33:21
On April 28, 1998 at 18:43, Koichi Nakatani wrote:

It is a complicated problem, and I cannot say what should be the right soluti
However, I can show you a dirty workaround.
  The following patch will set MSB of Japanese characters, and strip
ESC$B & ESC(B.  This is called EUC-JP character encoding.  In this way,
Japanese characters will not affect wilma.

Is your patch acceptable enough to include in the base source and it is
activated by an option to the filter?  For example, something like the

text/plain: euc-jp

will cause the text/plain filter to use EUC-JP character encoding when
converting iso-2022-jp text.


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