Re: How to get in-message display of gifs

1998-05-11 09:46:34
On May 11, 1998 at 14:32, "P J Nix" wrote:

I attach a gif file to a mail message sent from the netscape mua direct to 

mymailalias: /local/mhonarc/wrapper mhonarc -add -quiet -rcfile myresfile

mhonarch detects the gif and generates the neccessary html to display the gif
the body of the archived message. 

This does not happen if I use eudora, or Pegasus or MS outlook. anyone know w
I should look to fix this, please?

Since your problem is not with MHonArc, you should direct your question
to the appropriate forums for the MUAs you mentioned.  You may want to
check the USENET since there are newsgroups devoted to several MUAs.

Note, check the comp.mail.mime FAQ for MIME aware software.  It
could be possible that the message could be malformed in someway that
MHonArc may forgive but other mailers may not.  Try using some of
the software mentioned in the FAQ (like munpack) and see if they
work on the message.


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