Re: Add a link to mhonarc archives

1998-05-11 13:00:11
to follow up on what Nick Papadopoulos said:

    I have added the title and the background I want
to the mhonarc archives, but I don't know how to add
a link to a URL. Is there a way that I can do that? I didn't
find a relivant resource file.

Most of the resources accept static HTML text which will appear
in the formatted pages.  These can contain markup including
links.  This is almost verbatim except for a few escaping
requirements where there are conflicts with the (nicely small)
resource-definition language.

The relevant resource is a question of where you want the link to
appear in the archives: at the head or foot of a message page or
at the head or foot of some flavor of index?

Review the hypertext documentation and the examples in the
distribution and FAQ.  And


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