Re: wrapping long lines?

1998-05-14 10:00:13
On May 14, 1998 at 11:17, Fil wrote:

I have a stupid question but can't seem to find it on the FAQ nor on the
mhonarc list archives:

      Is it possible to have mhonarc wrap the long lines (> 80 chars eg)
      so they don't appear, in MSIE and Netscape (not Lynx), as one
      horizontal line in the <PRE> mode ?

Any help will be appreciated.

The answer is buried in the MIMEFILTERS resource page.  The page
documents all the default filters used by mhonarc.  Check the
filter for text/plain messages.  There is an option for the
filter, "maxwidth", that should do what you want.

All filters are documented under the Default Settings section

Good luck,


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