Is this normal for MHonArc?

1998-05-27 23:13:04
I'm having several problems that seem to me to argue that MHonArc is
installed or is functioning wrong but I'm not good at UNIX, please tell me
if I am missing something.

Messages are being archived as they come in (using the webnewmail script
found in the documentation) and from a browser everything seems to be
working. I want the archive to contain messages no more than seven days old:

        [bighouse(_at_)metalhead type2]$ mhonarc -editidx -expireage 604800
        Reading database ...
        Editing . layout ...

        Writing mail .ERROR: Failed to create "./msg00073.html"

The effect of this is that all the msgXXXXX.html files older than a week
will indeed be removed from the directory, but the main index is not
changed and links to the old messages still appear in it. -main does not
rebuild the index either. Yes I reloaded the browser, I even checked from a
different browser on a different account. Clicking on the "expired" links
gives a "file not found" error.

Also I invariably get the error shown above when running ANYthing from the
command line. The error will usually reference the lowest-numbered msg file
that exists in the dir (in this example, msg00073.html DOES in fact exist)
but sometimes it will refer to (say) msg00000.html, which no longer exists
at all.

Any help appreciated. We're in Red Hat 4.0 if that makes any difference,
perl 5.003.

--Ken webmaster  "If stupidity hurt like a toothache people
                        might do something about it."  --Greg Swann

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