Re: Forward aliases correct?

1998-06-02 14:45:05
The list and request forward aliases work.  Could you check if also the
other aliases below are correct?   Especially do you use -human or 
owner- at NSCA?

We use 'owner-mhonarc' here.  Everything else looks just peachy.

When the aliases are okay the next steps would be to

      o you send 'who' to our majordomo to get an up to date
        subscribtion list


      o I change the aliases to forward everything to NCSA

I think the best time to do this when you start working.  So we have
the biggest possible time overlap (you are 7 hours 'behind' in time)
to fix possible unforseen problems.  All days except Fri-Sun are fine
with me.

What do you mean by 'we are 7 hours behind'?  You guys are 7 hours
ahead!  :)

Yes, this makes sense.  Let me grab a who and see if there will be
any problems with our existing spam filters against the current
list membership.  What do you think about planning for Thursday,
8:00 am my time?


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