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1998-06-12 00:36:43
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On June 11, 1998 at 11:41, Bon Shih wrote:

I am using your MHonArc program to update a mailbox to create HTML pages.
As far as I know, the MUA that I use is mailx.  When I read the mail, it
saves all the messages to one file.  I am trying to set up mhonarc to read
through the mail messages, and then if a message has an attachment, it
will separate the attachment from the text.  I have read through the FAQ's
as well as the discussion boards, but I am still unable to do this.  If
you recall, a posting on the MHonArc mailing-list titled "MHonArc for
straight MIME decoding" mentioned exactly what I am trying to do.  I tried
following those directions, but it still did not work for me.  Could it be
the fact that my mailbox format is not in a format that MHonArc recognizes
attachments?  Because the pages that MHonArc creates just treat the
attachments as simple text.  Unfortunately, I do not know much perl, so
hacking MHonArc may be a formidable task.  Please let me know if you can
help out.

Did you read the ARCHIVE resource page that describes how you
can use MHonArc to decode attachments?

If you are still having problems, try/check the following:

    o   Run mhonarc in normal mode (ie. do not use a resource file)
        on your mailbox.  Make sure it can generate an archive of all
        your messages.  Check messages that you believe have
        attachments, and see what mhonarc did with them.

    o   Check that the message are using MIME.  For example,
        a message that just includes some uuencoded data does
        not qualify as an attachment.  Some older MUAs use uuencoded
        data as a way if "attaching" data to a message.  This is
        not the "MIME way" so mhonarc will not decode it.

If you are still having problems, it will help if you provide
information on how you invoke mhonarc and the output generated.
It is hard to provide assistance when I/we cannot see what you
have tried and what the input and outputs are.

Hope this helps,


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