Hypertext embedded in mail message

1998-06-15 17:13:38

Hypermail has an escape convention whereby one can have literal
HTML in a mailgram and it will appear as HTML in the formatted
archive page.  Not so with MHonArc.

To be MIME-clean you would want to send messages with the HTML as
an attachment.  Could be marked an "inline" disposition attachment.
But then it gets its text/html type indication and MHonArc can
process it cleanly.  The next step is [here I am in over my head]
to create a message/multipart handling capability in MHonArc which
honors "inline" disposition of HTML attachments and folds them
into the HTML document produced from the root RFC 822 message.

Warning: that is not the way the world is going.  The
conventional wisdom is that mail clients (and hence archivers
like MHonArc) process messages as text/* and sniff for HTML tags
on suspicion that they may have a web-formatted document in the

If it walks like a duck, they treat it as a duck and links are
clickable, etc.

If you want to do that, too, you have to modify the text/plain
mimefilter (sorry that is not its exact name) to sniff and
presume HTML on encountering a tag unless there is a DOCTYPE or
header to contradict this.


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