Re: Making MHonArc ignore the "From " delimiter

1998-07-02 10:55:46
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On July 2, 1998 at 13:47, Peter Simons wrote:

My mailing list server stores one article per file in the archive, so
I call "mhonarc *" (basically) to update the HTML archive. But
occasionally the mail contains the "From " delimiter, which MHonArc
uses to recognize the beginning of a new mail and then the whole HTML
archive gets messed up.

Is there a command line flag I could use to remedy this?

You want to look at the MHPATTERN resource and specify the directory
that contains the files.

Ie. If the input argument you give to mhonarc is a directory, it reads
all files in the directory that match MHPATTERN and treat each file as
a single mail message.  If the input argument is a plain file, then
mhonarc treats it as a UUCP-style mailbox file: multiple messages
separated by a separator line as defined by the MSGSEP resource.

In your case, mhonarc is in UUCP-style mailbox mode.  So a line that
matches the MSGSEP will cause mhonarc to think there is a new message
(solutions to this problem for UUCP-style mailboxes are given in the
FAQ).  If you use the directory/MHPATTERN approach, MSGSEP is ignored
and your problem should be solved.


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