Re: Unable to create exclude_field routine

1998-07-03 17:53:32
On July 3, 1998 at 08:16, Riccardo Cozzani wrote:

I receive the following message every time I send a messagge to a mhonarc
alias. If I run mhonarc -editidx the error message is give, but if I
remove the .mhonarc.db file and rerun mhonarc -editidx no error message is
given and .mhonarc.db is recreated.

Bad idea.  You just lost all your message and created an empty

Could someone tell me why the .mhonarc.db files were corrupted?

I do not think it was.

/opt/petra/data/VirtualDomains/ ...
Requiring content filter libraries ...
Requiring charset filter libraries ...
ERROR: Unable to create exclude_field routine:
/^*/: regexp *+ operand could be empty at (eval 82) line 11.

It looks like you have a bogus EXCS setting in your resource file.
If you are tring to exclude all headers, use "." or ".*" (the
first one is more efficient).  It looks like you just have a


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