Re: File locking

1998-07-09 11:35:39
On July 9, 1998 at 11:13, Nathaniel Lockhart wrote:

Trying to lock mail archive in ... path

I get a mail after this happens from the system telling me:

ERROR: Unable to create path/.mhonarc.lck after 10 tries

Looks like a mhonarc process was abnormally terminated and it did not
have the chance to remove the lock.  After verifying that no mhonarc
process is running (use the ps(1) command on your system), manually
delete the lock file.  If an old mhonarc process is running, try
sending it a "kill -TERM".  If that does nothing, do a "kill -KILL" (or
"kill -9") and manually delete the lock file.


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