oops I broke it.

1998-08-04 09:08:15
I just tried to remove two messages from a mhonarc archive, using the -rmm
option, and mhonarc failed to rewrite the message database.

As a result, the whole archive is fouled up and I can't sent new messages
to it, and I can't clean it up.  Is there some command that will look at
what's there and rewrite the database?  Any idea why this happened?

I was logged in as a regular user, but I see that the database and the
message .html files are all owned by daemon.  

thanks for any help

    Trey Donovan  -=-  tdonovan(_at_)zocalo(_dot_)net -=- Systems Administrator
  Zocalo Multipoint Access  -=-  ( 510 ) 540 8000 -=-

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