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1998-08-05 21:48:36
Get Free music and audio books at Audio Highway!

Now more than ever, Audio Highway can take you and your ears to any
sonic destination you'd like. Are you into music? We've got an
eclectic array of work from artists of every persuasion, sure to get
even the most discriminating music fancier salivating. Like books?
Turn up a classic, or a current bestseller. Do you have a need to
know? Keep yourself informed by listening to the news AS IT HAPPENS.
Ready for something fun and different? Indulge yourself in an
exploration of our Audio Entertainments, featuring a wide range of
toothsome bites -- from the hip, topical Yo! Radio to the "sound noir"
of Old Time Radio from the late 1940s!

Remember, now: This great collection of audio is ABSOLUTELY FREE! (And
so is the slick new version of AudioWiz -- more on that later in this

*** MUSIC ***

NEW FEATURED SELECTION: Rain Forest Dreams by Rodney Franklin

Contemporary jazz fusion melodies composed to blend with the mystical
rain forest cadence and harmonies of howler monkeys, cicadas, parrots,
and frogs -- an exceptional example of the harmony between music and

NEW IN POPULAR CURRENTS (our exclusive pop music review show):

The Spinanes - Arches And Ailes
Jeff Buckley - Sketches For My Sweetheart The Drunk
Tricky - Angels With Dirty Faces
The Urge - Master Of Styles
Brandy - Never Say Never 


Exclusively produced for Audio Highway: Surf Talks -- Todd Rundgren.


Bernie Krause presents nature sounds from Antarctica, the Amazon, and
Africa. Krause is a legendary sound engineer and naturalist.


Saucer --  Space Rock from Toronto
Gilli Moon -- Girl in the Moon


The music of Andre Previn

Listen to scores of other titles in an assortment of catagories:
Classical, Electronica, Jazz, Knitting Factory Works ("Knitting what?"
Check it out!), Latin and Salsa, New Age, Popular, Reggae, Rhythm &
Blues, Rock, Unsigned Bands, World Rhythms...


NEW FEATURED SELECTION: The Four Great Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

Collected here are some of the classic investigations of the master
detective Sherlock Holmes. Stories include: The Speckled Band, The
Musgrave Ritual, Charles Augustus Milverton, and The Devil's Foot.


Cold Comfort Farm -- Stella Gibbons
The Inner Sanctum -- Stephen Frey
Poems of Rumi -- Jalaluddin Rumi
Visions of Cody -- Jack Kerouac
The Call of the Wild -- Jack London

Expand your horizons with lots of other great reading (er, listening)
in a host of categories, fiction and non-fiction: Autobiography,
Best Sellers, Business, Classics, Finance, General, Humor,
Kids Corner, Music, Mystery & Suspense, Poetry, Religion &
Spirituality, Science Fiction, Science & Technology, Self-Help, Short
Stories, Sports...                

*** AUDIO NEWS ***

Why read the news when you can have it read to you? Audio Highway now
features direct satellite feeds, updated every quarter hour, to keep
you ears buzzing with information on any topic that grabs you. Listen
in on the absolute latest in U.S. National news, U.S. Business news,
Sports, Horoscopes, Entertainment, Canadian News...

And of course, we've got your favorite news shows, like Newsweek on
Air, CNET Radio, and NPR Morning Edition.


One of our most popular offerings: Our own Internet Entertainment


Escape was heard on CBS from July 1947 to September 1954. It opened
with the gripping voice of William Conrad booming out over the
airwaves: "Tired of the everyday grind? Ever dream of a life of
romantic adventure? Want to get away from it all? We offer you --
ESCAPE! resurrected from Radio Spirits."

Make a daily ritual of downloading this and other fun clips, like:
Ask Dr. Science, Cyber Sleuths, Dialogue, Executive Viewpoints, New
Dimensions Radio, Professional Education, Soundprint, StarDate...


To get the most out of all the great soundstuff we've put together for
you, you REALLY should have the NEW version of AudioWiz!

Why? It's faster, more reliable, and best of all, IT'S FREE!

AudioWiz will let you take control of your audio world; with it you
can not only play back streamed audio -- you can SAVE it to a local
drive, where you then can do with it as you wish. (Microsoft NetShow
Media Player doesn't offer that particular functionality.) The new
CD-like interface and single-click download features will have you
cruising the Audio Highway like a pro in moments.

Follow the link below to download your copy right now:

(AudioWiz requires a Windows PC with 16MB RAM, 10MB available hard
disk space, MS Internet Explorer 3.0+ or Netscape Navigator 3.0+, and
audio capability.)


New on the development front: We're about ready to roll the Listen Up
Player out for a test drive on the Audio Highway -- and we're looking
for listeners!

OK. Now, there are those of you who are going to immediately follow
the link above to try to be among the 1,000 Audio Highway users who
will secure a confirmed reservation of one of these amazing little
devices. And then there are those of you who will ask, "What's a
Listen Up Player?"

In short: It's a cool new hand-held computer peripheral that allows
you to download and digitally store FREE audio material from the Audio
Highway Web site for playback at a later time, anywhere.

Anyone familiar with the vast selection of FREE soundstuff available
from Audio Highway will instantly see the Listen Up Player's exciting
potential. It's great to be able to grab the audio version of a
best-selling novel off the Web, for instance -- especially when it's
not going to cost you a dime -- but what if you then could listen to
that novel in your car on you way to work?

The Listen Up Player gives you the power to be listening to whatever
you want, whenever and wherever you want:

* LCD display -- shows stored audio titles, organized in folders
* One hour storage capacity for high-quality digital audio
* Familiar shuttle controls for fast forward, stop, and rewind
* Record button -- allows recording of live memos, messages, etc.
* Mini FM transmitter -- lets you play back on any FM radio!
* Earphone jack for private listening while exercising or relaxing
* Uses two AAA batteries, for up to two weeks of constant playback!

So: Now's your chance! Reserve your very own Listen Up Player and be
the first to cruise the Audio Highway with portable digital audio!
Follow the link below:

(Please note: We can guarantee timely fulfillment of only the first
1,000 reservations for the Listen Up Player. Make that click and get
on the list!)


We hope you enjoy all of the great FREE soundstuff at Audio Highway.


The Audio Highway Team

We're always putting new and exciting FREE audio on the Audio Highway
Network, so please visit often.


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in error, or do not wish to receive further messages, please reply
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