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1998-08-11 15:23:35
AttorneyFind ( ), is the most visible
Internet directory of lawyers. Over 10,000 viewers visit AttorneyFind
each week. The AttorneyFind 'banner' appears on over 10 major search
engines such as AltaVista, AOL's NetFind, and HotBot.

The AttorneyFind site has gone through many changes in the past year,
including an entirely new layout, a Lawyer to Lawyer section where
attorneys can enter their biographies - for free, a secure online sign
up page, and many new categories for our visitors to search. 

Look us up at and click 'Secure Sign Up'. 
There you will find all you need to be listed.  Or, you can give us a
call at 1-888-4ATYFIND (1-888-428-9346).  We will be happy to answer any

Why be just one of over 900,000 attorneys in a list when you can truly
stand out and get the exposure you desire! Send in your form and be
listed today on AttorneyFind!

PS. If you have received this email in error, we apologize. You can be
removed from any further mailings by politely hitting the reply button
and typing 'Remove' in the subject line.

"Over the past year of Internet exposure, I can state that the money
spent on Attorneyfind has been my best use of marketing dollars. I have
received eight inquiries from my single listing with your service and
each has turned into a paying client. The links to other organizations,
however, have not led to any significant referrals."
~GLW, Houston, Texas

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