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1998-08-13 12:59:29
On August 11, 1998 at 11:16, Aumont - Comite Reseaux des Universites wrote:

Is there someone who produce some web based tools to allow
mailling list owner to remove mail from mhonarc archive ?

I have been experimenting with a web admin tool based on v2.3 code
(v2.3 contains code changes to make MHonArc more suitable for custom
front-ends).  The code I have is heavy-weight: uses JavaScript and
frames.  More of a learning experience for me instead of doing
something usuable on any browser.

However, I have put it on hold so I can use my spare time to
get v2.3 completed.  Once that is done, I'll probably package
the web admin tool as an (experimental) extra.

Note, with the convert version of MHonArc, you can still write
CGI programs and just shell out with the proper options to MHonArc.
Note, RMM has high overhead in v2.2 and earlier.  In v2.3, RMM
behaves smarter and updates files that need to be updated.


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