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1998-09-02 12:12:21
The Eudoras I've used (versions 1 through 3) do not leave "attachments"
inside a message body.  Each attachment is "detached" into a separate file
and replaced by a line in the body "Attachment converted: filepathname".
There is no trace left of the MIME content type.    Thus to show an attached
graphic MHonArc would have to track down the "detached" file, then examine
its contents, to discover what the content type should be.  On Windows 95/NT
platforms a registry query should be able to map a file extension to a MIME

I believe that Eudora 1-3 used little more than "application/octet-stream"
for attachments.  (It does distinguish text from binary attachments.)

Eudora 4 introduced support for HTML-format message and may handle embedded
images differently from attached ones.

It would seem that MHonArc would have to do some heavy platform-specific
processing to handle attached files associated with Eudora V1-3 mailboxes.

-- SP

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On September 1, 1998 at 14:12, "Anthony P. Kieran" wrote:

Hello there, I have been using mhonarc to implement a small
application at
NASA HQ in Washington DC.  Mhonarc has worked well, however, I get a
problem when I try to attach an image (GIF FILE) when using
Eudora as my
email package.  The image does not appear in the body of
the message on the
HTML page, but rather as a link to a binary file, which I
can save to the
desktop and open it later.

Because, the data was tagged with the wrong content-type.  Look
at the original raw message, I bet you it was tagged with
application/octet-stream instead of image/gif.

I was wondering if there was any way (through the use of
filters) to have
the intended attachment (whether it be a WAV file;
GIF/image file; AVI file
etc) to appear in the body of the HTML page as a thumbnail?  I would
especially like to have any GIF/image file appear as a
thumbnail - Is this
possible and if so, can you point me in the right direction
to accomplish

Its possible, but you'll probably have to write one yourself (do not
know of any existing filters to do it -- I have not written one).  The
main issue is performance.  If updating archives as messages arive,
doing thumbnail type processing cause a significant
performance hit.  A
problem if there is frequent mail traffic.

If image data is labeled properly, MHonArc, by default, will in-line
GIFs, JPEGs, and XBM images (unless the disposition is "attachment").


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