Subject prefix removal

1998-09-03 05:15:06
Well, on the subject of requested features, here's one I thought of:
a variable setting which would remove a string of characters from the
subject lines of all processed messages.

As an example, many listservers have the option to add a customizable
prefix to the subject lines of a list's messages. For instance, this
list might use something like:


So instead of the current subject of my message, it would show as:

        Subject: [MHonArc] Subject line prefix editing

A response to my message would show as either of the following
(depending on the listserver settings):

        Subject: Re: [MHonArc] Subject line prefix editing
        Subject: [MHonArc] Re: Subject line prefix editing

What I'd like is for MHonArc to strip the prefix from the message, in
both the indices and the individual message files. It would save a
good amount of disk space, as well as making the indices appear a
little nicer.

I currently run all of my mailbox files through a text editor
manually to remove these prefixes, but if MHonArc would do it, it
would make things easier.

Just my two cents. Either way, MHonArc is proving to be a great
program, as every day I learn more about its capabilities. Thanks,
Earl! =)
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