How to insert "begin included text" for inline text attachment

1998-09-08 11:41:35

I like the feature of MHonArc that inserts the lines in italic style:
---- Begin included message ----
---- End included message ----
around attached RFC-822 messages.

- Is it possible to have a similar feature for other kinds of attachments that
are displayed inline?
For example to insert the lines
---- Begin included text, decription: README ----
---- End included text, decription: README ----
around a text/plain attachment where "README" is the value of the
"Content-Description" MIME field.

Currently, by default, if you have many such inline text/plain attachments they
are just appended one after the other without any special indication making it
difficult to see where the beginning and the end are.

Thanks in advance for your help!

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