Error...still a problem

1998-10-20 16:43:13

I'm still getting an error in my procmail.log:

ERROR: Unable to create /home/www/rcairplanes/archives/nsrca//.mhonarc.lck 
after 10 tries
procmail: Error while writing to "mhonarc"
procmail: Program failure (75) of "mhonarc"

There isn't a retained .lck file in that directory.  I have upgraded to version 
2.3.0.  I use MHonArc with the exact same command line from my procmailrc file 
to archive three other lists, but I only get this error with one list.  This 
isn't the busiest list I have.  I am a little troubled.  I have tried the 
recommendations from this list to search and correct the problem but it still 
persists.  Help.


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