RE: Runtime Exception error between Mhonarc v 2.3 and Active Perl 5.005_02 build 504

1998-10-22 14:41:32
On Thursday, October 22, 1998 12:23 PM, 
QINGSONG_ZHANG(_at_)HP-PaloAlto-om2(_dot_)om(_dot_)hp(_dot_)com wrote:

I tried to use Mhonarc in Win NT environment. I always get "Runtime
Exception" error when I use Active Perl 5.005_02 with build 504.

Could anyone here can help to see where is the problem? or tell me
Mhonarc v2.3 will work with which Perl package in win NT environment?

I appreciate any info or hints.




I've been trying to get the Active Perl package to work also.  I've got 
5.003(mumble) but I never get past the creation of the lock directory 
unless I run it from the command line with an RFC822 text file for input. 
 I'm about ready to give up on the live feed and just setup a scheduled 
task to process the input daily (blecch).

In particular, I'm running with NTmail and NTlist v3 -- what mail server 
are you using to feed it?

I've not yet tried 5.005, but 5.003 works just fine as long as I do it 

Good luck,
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