Re: control acces to archive

1998-11-30 13:18:13
 I want to restrict MhOnarc mailing list archive to list subscribers.
 Is any one of you did it  ?

MHonArc doesn't have any builtin support for access control, but your
web server probably does.  It all depends on what kind of access control
lists your server users.  If using Apache, you can do this with .htaccess

Unless your mailing list software already has a password for each user
that is easily accessible it's a pain to try and do user-based authentication.
If users are coming from all over the place and the data isn't too 
sensitive we usually assign a single password to the entire list for
access to the archives.  

If you are concerned about security then you might want to consider some sort
of single-signon authentication system (i.e. Kerberos) that your server
can authenticate to.  In that case you would want to encrypt your session
with SSL.

I think I've started rambling...  So for a quick answer that would fit most
needs, just assign a single password to the entire list and use that with
a .htaccess file or equivalent on your server.


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