Re: Indexes in directories separate from Messages?

1998-12-05 15:04:01
On December 2, 1998 at 12:20, Lee LaVoy wrote:

Maybe it should be obvious, but I'm trying, without much success, to put
the threads and date index in a directory separate from the messages.
Any suggestions?

It is doable, but takes setting resource properly and running mhonarc
once to archive messages, and then again for index you want to create.
Code modifications would make things more efficient.

In sum, do not do it unless you really want index pages in a different
directory.  The solution is somewhat involved and would take more
time that I, and probably others, can devote to it in our spare time,

If you want to solve the problem, read up on the various page
layout resource (emphasizing where messages and indexes link to
each other), how MHonArc determines which indexes to create, and the
GENIDX resource.


Earl Hood

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