Displaying date in the index

1999-02-02 17:44:57

This seems to have been mentioned a few times, but searching the list, I
haven't found a good answer.

I simply want to make my Mhonarc indexes (I use the defaults, order and
thread) display the date of the message.  I saw a number of pointers to a
separate perl script ( but no indication of how to actually use
it.  Other people said to check out the "Page Layout" section of the
documentation, but if the answer is there, I couldn't find it.

I acknowledge that any process used to get the date may have errors in it,
but anything is better than nothing.  I would be content to have the date
simply based on the "Recieved" field... or the "Date:" field.

I just want the indexes (at least the order one anyway) to look like:

        - <FROM>
        - <DATE>

instead of the 

        - <FROM>

that is the default.

Is there a simple way to do this?  (Or a well documented complicated way)

Scott Wilson
swilson(_at_)pointy-haired-boss(_dot_)uchicago(_dot_)edu (among others)

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