Re: Number of Follow-ups Not working

1999-02-03 14:11:59
I archive 100 messages and the number of follow-ups doesn't ever increment on 
the subject page even though the thread page shows followups.

($NUMFOLUP$) <em>$FROMNAME$</em><br>

Does anyone see anything wrong here?

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John Cottingham         

   The beginning of your thread index looks like this:

  G_d, religion etc., Nita Andres 

     <Possible follow-up(s)> 
     Re: G_d, religion etc., Shafer, Marilyn 

  The presence of the <Possible follow-up(s)> line means that the
second message was flagged as a reply ok, but MHonArc couldn't
thread it. The same is true for all your reply messages. The
reason for that is that your mail agent most probably throws away
the "In-Reply-To" field - not to be confused with the "Reply-To"
field - from the incoming messages. As stated in the MHonArc doc,
the $NUMFOLUP$ variable counts only *EXPLICIT* follow-ups, which
amounts to zero since you haven't any.

   So the solution to your problem is to persuade your mail
administrator to keep the "In-Reply-To" field. To my knowledge
there is no way to get around that.

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