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1999-03-01 14:47:43
On February 24, 1999 at 11:40, "John P. Petrakis" wrote:

It's all just text, and it is all there.  So I look in the mailbox file and f
Eudora is throwing away the MIME headers and boundaries.  This occurs if the
attachment are HTML, too.  When the message is plain text i.e. the main mail
header shows: 

             Content-Type: text/plain;....

All is well and good with the world.  I've seen the discussion on the majordo
list that speaks of eudora problems, however I've not found anything pertaini
to this specific issue.  I've also spent some time with Eudora attempting to 
if there was some setting that would allow keeping the MIME headers and
boundaries.  Has anybody out there had similar issues to deal with and is the
anything that can be done?  Any pointers are greatly appreciated in advance!!

The best solution is to have people use a fixed version of Eudora.

On the MHonArc side, the problem is related to how the mail parsing
code should handle bad input.  Currently, it looks like if no boundary
is found in a multipart message, MHonArc thinks the data is still part
of "front matter" of the body which should be ignored by MIME-aware
software.  Hence, nothing gets converted, causing a warning message to
be generated.

A solution is to modify the parsing code (in to add a
check for the case when no boundaries are found in the body.  If so,
pass whatever body data there is to the default filter for conversion.


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