Re: will MHonArc do my task?

1999-03-02 17:13:17
On March 2, 1999 at 18:57, Richard Meredith-Hardy wrote:

1 - Send mail to dedicated address
2 - run it through MHonArc - which processes it and basically builds
(overwrites) a single html page
3 - Once the mail is established as an ordinary html page then there are
any number of CF methods of grabbing and processing it to suit the

In the first instance, is this a far-fetched idea?  It may be that this
is quite a common technique, but I haven't found it.....

Using a dedicated address is a common approach to certain problems.
For example, many use a special address to hook mhonarc into for
archiving a mailing list.

Note, all MHonArc cares about is that mail conforms to standard
formats.  Hence, depending on the architecture of your system,
the message creation component can pipe data straight into MHonArc
without going through an MTA.

Secondly, how to action MHonArc. has the feature "delivery of a message to a program", and
also I know perl programs can be run from CF, but I really don't
understand how one runs perl programs (specifically MHonArc).  Is it by
a command line type syntax, url parameters or what?  Any enlightenment
would be welcome!

The documentation gives a synospis on how MHonArc is invoked in the
"Quick Start" section.  In sum, yes, MHonArc is traditionally invoked
via the command-line.  However, if you know Perl, it can be embedded
into another Perl program.

As for Win32-isms, other users, forums, will have to help out here.
Traditionally, Windows-based programs (especially MS ones) tend to be
"unfriendly" to doing tasks that utilize other technology/software not
from the same producer.  If the person you know that knows Perl is
familiar with using Perl under Win32 environments, I recommend
consulting him/her.  Things that are simple under Unix-based systems
can be a pain under Win32 due to the screwy architecture and screwy
applications/servers created by MicroSoft.

Since you stated you know someone who knows Perl, you should consult
that person.  Of course, if you have problems directly related to
MHonArc, post a message to this list.


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