Re: Converting hypermail archives to MHonArc

1999-03-10 15:09:25
On March 9, 1999 at 17:38, Morris Strongson wrote:

    In the near future, we would like to replace hypermail with
MHonArc as our email archive tool.  We have loads of old hypermail
archives that we would like to convert to MHonArc archives.  Is there
a "hypermail-to-email" translator around?  The next step would fall
right into place, i.e., email to MHonArc.  Thanks for your help.

Try doing a search for "hypermail" at the MHonArc mailing list
archives, <URL:>.
The hypermail->MHonArc topic has come up before, and I believe some
users have come up with conversion scripts.

Note, if you have the original messages, just pass those to MHonArc.


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