-single usage in aliases

1999-03-17 14:41:50
I am just getting started with Mhonarc, and have a few questions I was
hoping someone may help me with. I am setting up a new List Server for my
organization using Majordomo, Sendmail and Mhonarc to replace the Windows NT
based list server we are currently using. Majordomo seems to be working
fine, and I would like to add archiving to the picture.

The list server is primarily going to be used as a distribution list (mostly
moderated), and not really for discussions, and I would like the individual
emails sent to the Majordomo lists to be automatically converted to HTML and
saved into a directory named for the list. These HTML docs would then be
copied to, and indexed by our NT Web Server (I don't have much choice here).
If possible I would like to save these as *.ASP documents and add some code
to the start of each file that we are using for file security.

I see by the documentation that I can use the -single switch to convert
individual emails, and assume I can add the following to my aliases file:

list1-archive: "|/usr/majordomo/wrapper mhonarc -single <messagefile>

I would like to use something like this to automatically name the file
something unique and save it to the appropriate directory. In other words, I
would like an email sent to 'list1' to be converted and saved as
/usr/local/mail/list1/message1.html (or asp), then the next email would be
saved as /usr/local/mail/list1/message2.html. Has anybody done this, or know
how the aliases entry would actually look? Is it possible to do this? If so,
can I save it as a unique-filename.ASP with a few lines of code added to the
start of each file?

If anyone has experience doing something like this, or has a suggestion
where to find documentation, It would be very helpful! Also, will wrapper
work like this, or does mhonarc need to be in the majordomo directory?

Thanks in advance,


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