Re: umask and mode of files created by mhonarc rw-------

1999-03-31 00:50:01
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On March 30, 1999 at 17:09, Francois Felix Ingrand wrote:

I am not really sure why, but it appears that the file created by mhonarc
(called by procmail) are created with rw-------

I thought first that this was procmail fault... but it is not. Putting 
UMASK=022 in procmail result in spool file with mode:

but still the file created with mhonarc are rw-------

I tried to insert a umask 022; at the beginning of mhonarc ($VERSION =
"2.1.0";) but it does not work either...

It would probably help to supply your procmail recipe.  I have little
experience with procmail, but other users on the list do have

Note, the latest version of MHonArc is 2.3.3.

Have done a test of mhonarc from the command-line to see how the umask
setting behaves?


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