Re: How big an archive can Mhonarc handle...

1999-03-31 06:19:39
We have 40 entries in each of our indexes.


It gives the archive a way to 'page' through the messages. I feel 40 is a bit
bigger than it should be. I'll try setting it to 20 some day (-:

We have another index for those that want to get *all* the messages. It's based
on the subject.mrc in the examples. We also use TSubjectBeg to 'trim' the index
a bit.

<!--    TSUBJECTBEG is any markup at the beginning of a sub-thread that
        is based on the subject of the message.  We just put in a
        comment declaration so the reader will see nothing.
 multiple messages

This shows 'multiple messages' for the threads. If we have a thread that's a few
hundred messages long, we save the user from seeing hundreds of Subjects that
are the same. (and we wonder what is that interesting (-:)

Our biggest archive has around 6K messages. The index is around 260K. OK if you
want to see the start of all the threads.

The above may not be an exact fit for 15K messages split by semester, but it may
help you to come up with what works for you.


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