Re: ezmlm-mhonarc script does not work !!!

1999-04-22 13:52:01
On April 25, 1999 at 02:36, Yin Tan Cui wrote:

 '-rcfile', /etc/ezmlm/list.rc,
Put single quotes around it: '/etc/ezmlm/list.rc'

 '-definevars', "MAIN-TITLE='List Archive'",
 '-outdir', $dir
    ) ? exit(0) : exit($mhonarc::CODE);

You can use "perl -c" to check the syntax of your scripts to make
sure there are no syntactical errors.

Also, Where does mhonarc store it's error
messages, if it does store it, or send the error via email to

Error messages go to standard error.  The next release will allow
the ability to specify a file for stderr, but until then, you'll
have to rely on your shell's I/O redirection capabilities.  /bin/sh
is best for this, example:

    /bin/sh -c 'mhonarc ... 2>mhonarc.err'


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