Re: Procmail script to invoque Mhonarc

1999-04-22 13:54:06
On April 21, 1999 at 20:21, "Bert Hiddink" wrote:

:0: microfinanza.lock
* ^TOmicrofinanza-list(_at_)sipromicro(_dot_)com
| /usr/www/users/galileo/cgi-local/mha/mhonarc -add -umask 022 \
-rcfile /usr/www/users/galileo/cgi-local/mha/rcfile5 -nolock -nodoc \
-outdir /usr/www/users/galileo/intercam/listas-html/microfinanza \
It worked  perfectly for half a year, a then "suddenly" stopped doing the
job. I did not change anything in Procmail or Mhonarc. Mhonarc still runs
ok form the shell. How come?  I checked everything but I can not figure
out what happened. I am desperate, could you please help!

I am not too familiar with Procmail, but I do believe it has a
logging mechanism.  If you activate it, the Procmail log may show
why the command is failing.

BTW, you were not specific about what the problem is.  I.e.  Is
nothing happening?  Or are there some visible problems?

As a test, I'd replace the call to mhonarc to a bogus test program
(like cat) just to see if the recipe is getting invoked.


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