Re: converting MAILDIR format mails

1999-04-26 22:10:22
On April 25, 1999 at 18:35, Attila Csosz wrote:

How could I convert my MAILDIR format mail folders( qmail ) using

For simplicity, let "MAILDIR" represent the pathname to your qmail
mail directory.

To have mhonarc process MAILDIR, you pass "MAILDIR/cur" and/or
"MAILDIR/new" as the mail folder arguments.  Which subdirectory
you choose to use depends on your needs.

Also, you will need to define the MHPATTERN resource to process
all non-dotfiles.  Example:

    % mhonarc -mhpattern '^[^\.]' MAILDIR/cur

If all you will ever do is process qmail MAILDIRs, it may be best
to set the M2H_MHPATTERN environment variable so you do not have
to respecify each time you invoke mhonarc.  Examples:

        setenv M2H_MHPATTERN '^[^\.]'
        M2H_MHPATTERN='^[^\.]'; export M2H_MHPATTERN


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