RE: Beginners Question

1999-05-24 08:25:07

Like most Unix-centric freeware, MHonArc's packaging makes the assumption
that people will initially read and follow directions in "readme" and
"install" text files.

The .bat file packaged with mhonarc dates back to a very early version of
the package; it seems to be obsolete.  The current installation process
transforms the mhonarc Perl script into a .bat (or .cmd) file itself, thus

   mhonarc [arguments]

to work without needing the old two line .bat file.  Earl will probably
remove the bat directory :^) .

-- SP

Hello all, sorry to bother everyone, but I need some
handholding to get
rolling with MHonARC.  I"ve never really worked with anything
PERL, but I'm willing to learn!  At any rate, I've installed
Perl 5.0.9 to
D:\perl and just unzipped MHonArc 2.3.3 to
D:\temp\MHonArc2.3.3 and want to
get started but the documentation and FAQ don't seem to cover the very
novice.  I don't even know where to begin here because I'm
having problems

I believe I understand I must run the mhonarc.bat file in the
/bat dir but
when I attempt to run it I get

Can't open perl script "c:/bin/mhonarc": No such file or directory.

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