IE 4/5 cannot display MHonarc Archive

1999-05-31 07:25:52
Hi there,

I found a problem with MHonArc 2.3.3 that caused IE 4/5 unable to
display the archived message correctly.

The symptom is that, if the from address or the subject line in a mail
contains a word "Channel", then IE 4/5 failed to display this mail
archive. Detailed investigation reveals that in the HTML generated by
MHonArc, there is a line:

<!--X-Subject : ... Channel ... -->

before the line:


IE4/5 may treat this XML tag as CDF header and thus unable to display
the message. By deleting this line from the HTML source, then IE 4/5
works again. This problem does not occur in Netscape. 

Is there any fix without amending the I have currently
commented out the lines that generates these tags.

Best Regards,

Steve Yau

Steve S.C. Yau (ccsyau(_at_)ust(_dot_)hk)

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