Patch to make mhonarc generate both plain .html and compressed .gz files?

1999-06-03 13:07:52
Hi, I maintain the lists at, and
I'm using mhonarc.  I'm really happy with mhonarc.  I didn't like the
default look and feel very much, but after a few months of tweaking,
I've settled on something I like very much.  Thanks for the flexible tool!

I am an Apache module that the mozilla people wrote called
mod_gzip_content.  If the client browser can handle gzipped content, and
if a .gz version of the requested file exists, it sends the .gz version.
If the browser doesn't handle gzipped content, then the plain .html
file is sent.  To use this, you obviously need to keep the plain html
and the .gz file in sync.

I've found that a noticeable percentage of my network bandwidth usage is
coming from the current month's mailing list archives.  (I have separate
directories for each month for some mailing lists)

What I'd really like to do is have mhonarc gzip all of the .html files it
writes/updates during a -add, including the indexes.  The GZIP* resources
seem to be for writing the .gz files in lieu of the .html files, which
would hose our non-gzip-handling clients.

I don't suppose someone already come up with a patch to handle this case,
have they?

Jason Molenda

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