Re: MHonArc: Anti-Spam Measures (RFC)

1999-06-11 10:31:22

Thanks for adding all of these features.  They will be very

My preference for the archives I maintain would be to 
have a hook in mhonarc that would allow me to apply
my own address-modifying subroutine.  Rot13 is probably
sufficient to stop the harvesters, but doesn't provide
real privacy.

I would also like to leave the message bodies in my archives

What could I do to help make this arrangement an option in the 
upcoming version?



 :}    o        The "<!--X-From: ... -->" comment at the beginning of message
 :}     pages will now be "<!--X-From-R13: ... -->" where the value
 :}     will have been passed through a slight variation of ROT13 to
 :}     prevent the address listed from being harvestable.  Note, the
 :}     mha-dbrecover utility will be modified to know how to read
 :}     "<!--X-From-R13: ... -->" and it will also know about
 :}     "<!--X-From: ... -->" for older pages.
 :}     [* Feature implemented in development version *]


 :}    o   Addresses in message headers and what looks like addresses in
 :}     message bodies will be modified so they are not valid "real"
 :}     addresses but still useable by people.  For example, the
 :}     address "someuser(_at_)corp(_dot_)foo(_dot_)com" will become
 :}     "someuser(_at_)corp(_dot_)BogusPart(_dot_)foo(_dot_)com" (or something 
similiar --
 :}     suggestions welcome).  This will allow user to still have the
 :}     ability to respond to an address by just removing the "BogusPart".
 :}     [* Feature implemented in development version *]
 :}     Note, I did play with the idea of really obscuring the address.
 :}     For example: someuser(_at_)corp(_dot_)foo(_dot_)com -> 
 :}     But I think it would be nice that the addresses are still usable
 :}     by humans.  Thoughts?
 :}My goal is to have "mhonarc -spammode ..." provide reasonable protection
 :}from address harverters without the need for the user to do anything else.
 :}I welcome comments on any of the above,
 :}     --ewh

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