Mhonarc 2.3.3 bug: URL matching needs to include ``&''

1999-06-11 15:41:58
URLs which point to CGI scripts with several parameters use the ampersand
("&") character to separate the arguments.  If you include a URL with
an ampersand, mhonarc stops parsing there, apparently thinking that the
ampersand denotes the end of the URL.  The HTML'ified URL doesn't work
as it should.

You can see an example of the problem in this message:

It's not unique to this one example; I've seen the same thing happen
several times.

Sorry for not including a patch to fix it.  I really need to learn perl
one of these days.


PS- In case it is relevant, I'm using 5.004_04 on an x86 RedHat 4.2 box.

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