Re: Small patches (Re: MHonArc: ANNOUNCE: v2.4.0 released)

1999-06-28 18:14:00
On June 27, 1999 at 18:49, "Takashi P.KATOH" wrote:

This mail contains two small patches:

(1) ( fails to install man pages to non-existent
directory because it will create only (NEWDIR)/man but not


(2) (charsetconverters.html.diff)
Default Setting of CharsetConverters in MHonArc documents is
not sufficient (There's no description about `iso-2022-jp').

Oops again.  However, the def-mime.mrc in the examples directory
should be correct.

(3) It seems that <dt> tags of `Envariable' etc. (in many
files) are not correctly closed, e.g.,
                                   ^^^^ -> </dt> ?

Typo.  Unfortunately, nsgmls does not catch such problems since it is
legal markup.

(4) `sensistive' (in doc/rcvars.html and doc/resources/*.html)
is typo of `sensitive'?

Me is a colege grduate.

I should get in the habit of using a spell checker, but I am too lazy.

(5) Are those
| <a name="commslegal">Are those "&lt;!--X-... -->" legal comments?</a>
legal (in many files, e.g., doc/faq/msgpgs.html) ?
Weblint says:
  metacharacter '>' should be represented as '&gt;'
  you should use '&gt;' in place of '>', even in a PRE element.

Technically, what I have is legal.  Weblint is being pedantic.
Hopefully, weblint tags it as a warning and not as an error.

Thanks for the diffs.  I'll try to get them into the next release.
None of the bugs are show-stoppers, so an immediate patch release is
not needed.


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