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1999-07-12 14:37:04
I have my website hosted with a provider that does not grant me shell
access to my account, so I have to run the MHonArc commands from cgi
scripts. Now I have made a template to make the archive administration
easier, and since there might be other people out there, that are
interested in making things go easier, I decided to make my little admin
tool available through this list.

Go to if you want to know
more. Feel free to send an email message to testarch(_at_)gunnar(_dot_)cc, 
the archive through the panel and study the result at .

The "add" and "remove" buttons work, but I disabled the option to enter
other commands in this demo installation. The reason is that you can
enter any general system command via the form, and I didn't want to tell
the world how to alter or remove my other files... :-) Consequently, if
you make use of the tool, I strongly recommend that you password protect
the directory where you put the html files.

These are the files I made:

File name               Need for editing
---------               ----------------
mhaadmin-arc1.html      Title
(frames file)           URLs to the other two files

mhaforms-arc1.html      URL to the script file (3 times)
                        URL to the archive's main index page

mhaadmin-arc1.cgi       Remove the .txt file name extension
                        Perl location
                        Five variables at the top of the script

Please feel free to download them from and
test the tool. I'd appreciate if you post your opinion.

Is there possibly a library with similar user contributions already?



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