Re: Problems with the mailindex

1999-07-16 14:28:06
On July 16, 1999 at 14:21, "Martin List-Petersen" wrote:

          Re: Sv: [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] Generalforsamling, ihs
          Sv: [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] Generalforsamling, Martin List-Petersen
          SV: [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] Generalforsamling, Martin Andersen
          Sv: [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] reviderede rules, Martin List-Petersen
          Re: [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] reviderede rules, ihs
          Re: [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] reviderede rules, Hans-Henrik Andresen
          [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] reviderede rules, ihs
          [TLUG_BESTYRELSE] Generalforsamling, ihs

Set the USELOCALTIME resource.  The various ddmmyyyy resource variables
are based on localtime while the default day grouping is based on
GMT time.  Setting USELOCALTIME tells mhonarc to base day groupings on


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