MHonArc: Announce v2.4.1

1999-07-26 15:30:38
MHonArc Users,

v2.4.1 is now available for download from
<>.  v2.4.1 has
also been uploaded to CPAN, and it should be available soon at

The changes from v2.4.0 are as follows:

    o   Added the following resources:

            MSGEXCFILTER        Perl expressions for excluding
                                messages from archive.
            SAVERESOURCES       Flag if resource values should be
                                saved in database.

    o   Added the following resource variables:

            $HTMLEXT$           Value of HTMLEXT resource.

    o   Documentation corrections an additions.

    o   Use of typeglobs removed from

    o explicitly defined in mhonarc package.

    Bug Fixes
    Problem:    DOC resource setting not stored in database.
    Solution:   Fixed.

    Problem:    Default filehandle changed to STDERR after call to
                get_resources().  Can cause problems for Perl apps
                calling MHonArc via API.
    Solution:   Fixed.

    Problem:    MHonArc under BSD OS would go into Win/MS-DOS mode.
    Solution:   Make check for "dos" platform stricter in


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