Re: Notify sender about URL

1999-07-30 14:23:58
Would it be possible to notify a subscriber everytime he/she sends a 
message to a mailinglist, indicating where his/her message was 
published by Mhonarc on the web?

Any ideas would be highly appreciated!

The only method that I can think of is to extract the Message-Id: header
from the message prior to processing, then grep through the resulting 
\.html? files to find a match.  That would return the message number.

If you feel confident enough doing this, you can always assume that the
most recent message number is the one that you just added (like if you
were doing a global lock in procmail until a series of recipes were
completed).  Take the first entry from

   mhonarc -scan -sort -outdir /path/to/archive

and convert it to a URL...


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