RE: Newbie Question

1999-08-12 17:37:22
Thanks Earl,

What I did was attempt to copy a MHonArc archived messages and the db &
threads.html over to a new site so as not to lose all the old posts. I
installed 2.3.3 then a week later 2.4.1. I'm sure I've really confused the
MHonArc message file. I did try to run mha-dbrecover but was unsuccessful
for some reason. Now I've deleted all of the messages I had copied over from
the other site (including the DB & threads files). Now, hopefully the next
time the scheduler program launches my batch file to convert my mail it will
create a new db and thread.html file.

Am I on the right track here?

Thanks again for your help.


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On August 12, 1999 at 12:55, "Stephen Irwin" wrote:

mhonarc -add d:\mail\\users\airportuser\main.mbx
-outdir e:\inetpub\\maillist\archive\airport
ERROR: Failed to open
t\msg01326.html": No such file or directory

It appears that a message file MHonArc has information for
does not exist.  Could have something deleted msg01326.html?


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