Re: Silly $PGLINK(NEXT)$ question...

1999-08-29 17:03:34
On August 29, 1999 at 00:42, "SysAdmin," wrote:


Sadly, it doesn't appear to work... MHonArc ignores the variable.


I have this in my resource file:


I goofed, you have to use $PG$ and create the link markup yourself.
For example:

    [<A HREF="$PG(10):U$">Skip Forward</A>]

The problem with using $PG(offset-number)$ is that as more pages
get created, some pages may not get updated (if USINGLASTPG is false)
so the "skip" link will not get updated automatically, causing pages'
"skip" link to not skip the number of pages as expected.


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