Re: Question about procmail and MHonArc

1999-08-31 19:36:17
Earl Hood wrote:

On August 31, 1999 at 14:47, Leanne Davis wrote:

The output I am getting from procmail is the following...
procmail: Match on "^To:(_dot_)test-alias(_at_)my(_dot_)hostname"
procmail: Locking "testlist.lock"
procmail: Executing
/bin/sh: /opt/local/bin/mhonarc:  not found.
Does "/opt/local/bin/mhonarc" exist?  Is it executable?

Yes Eric it does exist (and is executable) - it works when I run it from
the shell.

Denis pointed out the obvious flaw in my logic - procmail is being
invoked on the mail server, and mhonarc is installed on the local

Thanks to all for your assistance.

Leanne Davis
Science Corporate Information Systems          
DSTO Salisbury                        
South Australia
Phone: +61 8 8259 5413
Email:  leanne(_dot_)davis(_at_)dsto(_dot_)defence(_dot_)gov(_dot_)au

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