Re: text/plain from multipart/*

1999-09-04 02:20:09
On September 1, 1999 at 14:55, "Bernd Schluermann" wrote:

is it possible to get the text/plain part and not the the text/html part
from an multipart/* email into the message?

Yes and no.

What I must do?

You could redefined MIMEFILTERS (using the override attribute) so there
is no text/html filter.  However, this will prevent the proper
conversion of messages where there is only text/html data.  BTW,
MHonArc handles multipart/alternative as specified in the MIME RFCs.
MHonArc tries to convert each part starting with the last one going
backwards.  The first part that can be converted, is what is used.

A more sophisticated solution would require code changes.  The type
of changes depends on how one want to solve the problem.  My
initial thought is that a mime filter should have the ability to
query where it is located in a mail messages (ie. it can check if
it is in a multipart/alternative and can check the content-types of
the other parts).  This would require coding changes to
To prevent filter function API changes, a method analogous to
how cid: URLs can be resolved could be done (see on
cid: URLs are resolved).


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