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1999-09-16 08:21:55
At 11:00 AM 9/16/99 +0100, GreenNet Outreach wrote:


We run a listserver using listproc on a unix server, we have an NT web
server and also recently a linux web server.  We would like to use mhonarc
to archive listproc messages onto the web.  

We are not sure which server it is best to install it on - should it be on
the same server as the listproc software or the same server as the web
pages it generates, which would be the easiest to install? 

Does anyone have urls for information on setting up this kind of system.
I have looked through the mhonarc site and the documentation which seems
to be very general and assumes all services are running on the same

I have also tried to search through this and other mailing lists without
any luck.  Can anyone here help?

I am not aware of any reason for co-hosting MhonArc with ListProc.  If you
were running MajorDomo you might save a few machine cycles of Perl
execution.  Both lynx-dev and the mhonarc list work happily with the MLM in
one _country_ and the archiving site in another.

A rough guess is to suggest the Linux web host as the friendliest place to
put MHonArc because it was written in a Unix environment and I don't hear
the same level of "can it be done?" questions from Unix and Linux list
administrators that I do from people who are native in Microsoft.  This is
a rough seat of the pants reaction not based on fine technical detail.  

Where will you be using Perl routinely?  Attention to the maintenance of
your Perl infrastructure is important to the smoothness of maintaining your
MHonArc service.

[Now let the people who actually know respond...]



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